There is a simple mission we hold as the editors of TransFocus: to support and further the voices of our community.

When we came up with the idea for this anthology, we had a simple but often nebulous question on our hands:

What is it like to be trans?

A question every trans person has heard, maybe even answered. Truthfully, the trans experience is personal and incredibly unique. Each person has a different collection of stories. Some hilarious or uplifting, others uncomfortable or heartbreaking. The stories of trans folks, people so often overlooked, marginalized, despised, and discounted, are so important to tell. We see it as our duty to give a voice to those who may otherwise not have a platform to speak.

Aurora Lynne Porter of Los Angeles, US – and Charlie Chowdhry of Edinburgh, UK have pulled together their skills to create this anthology with a goal of releasing to our Kickstarter backers in early 2020, and an official book release following. We are supported and complemented by a team of competent editors who are helping us to bring our vision to life. Our authors are the start of this show, however. Without them, we would have nothing to produce, nothing to edit, and nothing to bring forth to the masses. This project is one of great passion, and we are truly excited to bring to you the work of powerful trans voices.

Any and all proceeds made from this venture will be put back in the community via the Trans Lifeline in the US and Canada. and Mermaids UK.