General Guidelines:

  • If you are writing about heavy topics, please content warn (CW) your entry. Topics like death, self-harm or sui****, abuse, r*pe, etc, must have a content warning in your document as well as your submission email.
  • You must identify as transgender or anything under the trans umbrella.
  • We will be accepting a limited number of entries. We’ll send you an email to the same email as your submission if you’ve been accepted or rejected. If your work is rejected that DOES NOT mean that it’s bad, it just didn’t fit within this book!
  • Work must be original. Copyrighted, plagiarized or derivative works will be rejected.
  • Tell us a story about something related to your trans experience. Your submission must be of content depicting trans-specific issues or the trans experience.
  • Please do not give us your entire life story.
  • Please make minor grammar/editing adjustments before submission. We will be editing the whole work, though you’re more likely to get accepted if your work is nice and polished.
  • Please keep profanity to a minimum. Profanity is by no means banned, we just ask that it’s not every other word.
  • Please don’t use ableist slurs unless it’s absolutely necessary for the telling of the story (e.g. in a direct quotation or something you’ve heard).
  • There will be no bias towards Kickstarter backers. Everyone has the same chance of acceptance!
  • Feel free to send us more than one submission. Try to keep your submissions to 1-2 pieces if non-fiction, 2-4 pieces if poetry, and 3-5 pieces of artwork. This is not a firm rule, exceptions can be made.
  • TransFocus will be retaining First Serial Rights.

We will be accepting three types of submissions:

  • Non-Fiction: If you are submitting a story, please make sure your submission is under 3000 words long!
    • Longer submissions will be accepted, but the longer your submission, the more competitive the spot.
  • Poetry: If you are submitting poetry, please make sure your submission is 3 pages or fewer!
    • It doesn’t have to rhyme, but you’re more than welcome to rhyme your work.
  • Artwork: We will accept most forms of artwork, including photography, illustration, paintings, drawings, sketches, comics, designs, etc. Any medium you need to get your story across is welcome.
    • If you are submitting illustration or artwork, it must be at least 6×9″ (1800px W, 2700px H) at 300 DPI/PPI. Low resolution work cannot be accepted. If your artwork is at a ratio other an a 6:9 or 9:6, it will be cropped.

What to include in your submission:

  • Facebook URL (an editor will add you to our Facebook group)
  • Name you’d like to be published as
  • Type of submission (nonfiction, poetry, etc.,)
  • Title of your piece
  • Your age and general location
  • A short 2-3 sentence bio in third person
  • If applicable, include a content warning (cw)


    • We’ll send an email confirmation that we’ve received your work, and you’ll hear from us within 2-4 weeks! Email with any questions, comments, or concerns.