As of the 15th of March, our Kickstarter campaign came to a close – but this is only the beginning of our project.

With the incredible total of just under $2000 (approximately 400% of our goal!), we’ve got more than enough to cover our publishing costs – meaning even more of the money raised can go towards our chosen charities Trans Lifeline and Mermaids!

If you contributed to the Kickstarter, we cannot thank you enough. If you couldn’t contribute this time round, that’s ok, and we hope you’re able to read the Anthology when it’s finished.

This brings me to the next part of this post – the Anthology itself.

We already have some brilliant submissions, but we still have room for more writing – especially nonfiction works!

(Pssst – if you’re trans, couldn’t donate money but would still like to contribute to the work, writing something for the Anthology would be a fantastic way to support it for free <3)